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Antenna deployment

Antenna deployment guide

With some practice antenna deployment takes about 10 minutes. You can follow the guidelines below or find your way to setup the antenna. Remember that antenna is not designed for permanent instalation. Please dry antenna well after each outdoor use.

1. Find a small tree to attach the mast or fix antenna pole with the guying lines first.

2. Put completely extended pole on the ground and if you used guying ring make it lose such as you can freely rotate the pole inside the guying ring without guying lines to be twisted.

3. Use a tape to attach little loop to the tip of the pole and attach the carabiner on the top of the radiator wire to this loop (please refer to the pictured below). By rotating the pole wrap the wire around the pole. Do not make too many wraps, it should be just enough to hold the wire attached to the pole. Too many dense wraps under the lowest trap can lead to resonance shifts at 15 and 17m bands.

4. Attach the carabiner at the bottom part of the radiator wire to the hole in the corner of the central part of the antenna and insert RCA plug at the end of the wire to the RCA socket on the central piece.

5. Tension the radiator wire and use elastic strap on the central piece of antenna to attach it to pole, by twisting it around.


6. Attach the radials and coaxial cable to the sockets on the opposite side of the antenna central part. Wrap coaxial cable one time around the pole such as friction force holds some of cable's weight it and it's not stressing the BNC antenna connector too much.

7. Spread the radial wires to the sides perpendicular to the pole to reduce the chance that they would twist and carefully elevate and fix the pole.

8. Tension the radial wires (do not use too much force to avoid wear of the wire) and use small pegs to attach the ends of the rope to the ground. There are to loops at the end of each rope, if you install the antenna on the plane surface use the loops closer to the central piece of antenna. If you install antenna on uneven surface, it may be necessary to use the loop at the end of the rope. Try to keep radial wires at the same plane and place them symmetrically relatively to the mast. Sometimes I just wrap the rope around the branches of the small trees nearby to keep the  radials.



9. Run some DX contacts :)!

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